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The Work Tote // 매일 쓰는 토트 백


The Work Tote // 매일 쓰는 토트 백


What is a "work tote?" In my opinion, everyone should own a large tote, large enough to fit files upon files, sturdy enough to carry a laptop, and spacious enough to chuck everything else in. 

좋은 토트 백은 뭐예요개인적으로많은 파일도 넣  있고노트북을 튼튼하게 잡을  있고넓게 다른 모든 물건을 널  있으면그게 바로 좋은 토트 백이에요.

Enter: This gorgeous camel-colored Downing Tote from J.Crew.

자짠! J.Crew에서  아름다운 낙타  '다운잉 토트  가장 좋아하는 토트 백이에요.

The Downing Tote features a raw finish, allowing it be worn casually, whereas the tote's straight, standard silhouette is still work-approriate. This bag is huge, and reminds me of the endless pit of a bag from Mary Poppins. The only downside to it, is that there are absolutely no compartments or pockets for smaller things. However, they did include a cute detachable wristlet. [Forgot to include a picture! Oops!] The 

 다운잉 토트는 로 피니쉬로 만들어져서 백을 케쥬얼하게  수도 있지만 가방의 스트레이트하고 표준 실루엣은 정장에도 좋아요 토크의 장점은 매우 커서 이것 저것을 넣 수있어요그런데 토크의  단점은 백 안에 구획이나 주머니가 하나도 없어서  토크에 작은 물건을 찾기가  어려워요하지만 토트랑 작은 분리 파우치를 포함했어요. [사진을 찍는 것을 깜빡했어용 ㅠㅠ]


One extra detailing that is available on all J.Crew tote bags is the monogram option. They have it in gold foil, silver foil, and a blind imprint stamp, and here, I went with the gold foil stamp. The monogram option is a lovely touch, as it allows its buyers to personalize their everyday tote. 

모든 J.Crew 토트 백에   있는  추가 디테일은 모노그랜 옵션이에요 모노그램 옵션에서 금박은박 블라인드 임플란트 스탬프를 선택할  있어요여기저는  보석도 있어서금박을 선택했어요 모노그램 옵션은 시크할 뿐더러, 구매자들이 매일 쓰는 토트 백을 개인화할수도 있어요.

Find the bag here // 백을 여기서 찾으세요